Those who are about to read are different declarations of our students, parents, teachers: starting from a spectator, this in one of our Sages, who offers us his personal and professional review, via the parents, to get to the real progonisti: children and young people, or the actors , whose spokesman tells his emotions. Each witness has a title and the magic of a small story of real life.
Happy reading!
Grand finale

Appalusi … and many good bravissimi..è what it could mean to the small players who have represented the pleasant tale on stage: “Biancalisa, Dark and the mystery of the lost Dwarf”.
Children and young people involved have staked body and voice in a playful proposal, which responded to their natural need for creativity and imagination.
The theatrical experience has resulted in a very addictive where the protagonists are brought into play by expressing their emotions.
Each theatrical journey is very valuable on the relational and communicative.
Through looks, gestures, movements and silences, has characterized this theater group a climate spontaneous and exciting and unexpected receptivity.
A desire to prove himself, overcoming shyness, giving surprising answers.
All this has been possible thanks to the work of Silvia, who has always encouraged them, supporting them without straining anyone and with attention to maintaining the climate and atmosphere of theatrical language.
I enjoyed the delicacy for the atmosphere created, pleasant, intimate and emotionally intense.
At the end of this experience, I can only wish the children and young people to enjoy the desire to walk, to see and be seen in their creative journey, and for me the pleasure of adult amaze me in front of them, who express themselves using the body, a body in everyday hardly find a space for expression.
Maestra Elda


“… Well, what about …. A very positive experience! “.. I think so we can synthesize the short (summer) but important educational process done by Silvia with the course of Theatre.
For Daniel the course started a bit ‘for game two years ago: always happy to participate and spend an afternoon in the company of the children of the theater …
We were pleasantly surprised at the “before” of “Biancalisa” … ..The children have been able to create something unique thanks to their naturalness, improvisation and freedom of expression. We think that the course of Silvia (now at home we named it that) is a useful tool for socialization and bring the kids to a better understanding of themselves and their abilities.

Eliana and Massimiliano

Now it’s my turn: I will tell you my experience in the theater this year.
This is the 3rd year that I attend “CREATIVITY AND THEATRE”.
It is a course to know each other, know each other and create bonds fun.
This year being the largest of the group, I felt responsible and sometimes I took the name of “teacher.” At other times I felt almost helpless before them all, and this has allowed me to challenge myself and learn to overcome difficulties ..
The theater for me it was moment of joy and relief.
Like other years to conclude, we presented an entertaining show, I was with my Biancalisa midgets. I did not feel embarrassed, in fact I was excited to see me on stage.
During the show some characters made me laugh a lot like the mirror improvised and the hunter playful.
Finally we said together with the phrase of Shakespeare:
“WE ARE MADE OF THE SAME KIND IN DREAMS ARE MADE” and so I thought how important it is fantasy becoming large.
After the performance many people have complimented us and finally we have to thank Silvia for his patience, creativity and availability.

Lisa Margonari


Maira and the testimony of Dennis:

“Our children play, their life is a big theater: follow the script of fancy flying, trample the stage of the world and create the sets with the eyes of imagination. The theater is a game. And the game is a theater, “says Maira, mother of Sanja and Gioel. “When we saw here that a girl would keep the theater courses for children we immediately tried to gauge the interest in the initiative, finding a little ‘mistrust and fear for an activity that might seem ill-suited to children. New initiatives often have to struggle with the habit and with a bit of damage, but the enthusiasm and love that Silvia shows for their work (and our children) have now managed to melt the ice. When we saw for the first time Silvia welcome children becoming small like them, respecting the times of each without invading the territory defended by shyness, we realized that we left our baby in good hands.
A good theater course is not an acting class. It ‘a real life gym that helps lay bare their emotions, building a shield to defend against fears of fables, sharpening the blade of their resources, creating a close-knit army training thanks to the share.
Today’s world besieges us with its guns loaded hype. The walls of patience crumble under the blows of the “all at once”. Team spirit is often destroyed by the “everything to me.” The self-confidence, our gateway to the world, suffers the hard water hammer of “all approved the myths.”
It will not be a theater course in changing the world. But Silvia helped, with skill and patience, our children to find their way out of the shell of emotions too big for them. Face playing the monsters of fear. To accept and to accept others, with their qualities and their limits. A run on the stage, proud to be princes and princesses without blemish and without fear. Why the fear will remain behind the scenes, defeat.
And when the prince, after an escape frightened, swagger is back on stage we realized that the magic of the theater was accomplished ”

Maira and Dennis Paoli.


“The course of theater …. for my daughter a great experience for me absolutely valid! “says Helga, mother of Valeria and Alexander, two little-big players in the group, as well as kindergarten teacher in San Lorenzo. “These last two summers Silvia de” The creative world “has proposed a recreational activity that involves large and small children on a path that, in addition to growing, is fun, learn, laugh, play, learn, try and try again …
Children enrolled in the course have read and learned the tale of Cinderella, a modern Cinderella, magazine and appreciated for its characteristic of mini-musical!
The final evening of the performance hall was packed with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters !! The dramatization was the result of a collaboration between large and small, funny gags and unexpected events that make you smile, which move and fill the heart with joy and my eyes with tears! Good teacher Silvia that in a short time as you did the summer bloom our young budding actors! “Helga.


So says Annora, mother of Alba and Angelica:
“The Adventure of the children of Stenico began two years ago when, after Sunday mass, in the month of Madonna, Julia Bortoli handed me a flyer for a summer course of education to theatricality. I immediately liked the project and Silvia fascinated me his resume, then impressed me the idea, because I come from childhood, youth and adulthood passed between musical oratorio performances at school, experimental theater in Cremona and amateur dramatics Stenico. I always thought that theater is an opportunity to express themselves, overcome fears, shyness, or at least make them obvious and face them … as well as a way to aggregate those few children we have, to make the group, and maybe even a little ‘ to dream …
So at a meeting of representatives of parents, kindergarten Stenico proposed as growth experience, The Education for theatricality and Silvia Gelmini. The proposal was seriously considered, especially as the ability to create group, complicity, which could then continue in elementary school and beyond. That group which then would be found to continue doing theater or just for the sake of being together too large, then in adolescence and youth. For me that I come from community experiences strong, this in our countries really miss!
The course of education to the theatrics took place on Saturday afternoon, for 10 meetings during the autumn-winter. The children joined with such enthusiasm that my daughters wept when the course ended!
Fortunately Silvia brought the laboratory Carnival, succeeded very well, and then off with other meetings in the summer … The trepidation and commitment that our children along with those of San Lorenzo have experienced in preparing the final show was unforgettable, so as our joy and emotion at seeing them, and review them on the DVD that Silvia has given us). I hope the experience will continue for as long as possible and I wonder if the big dreams will come true one day … for us and for the children of the ‘Children’s Hospital of Bangui, we have been able to help through this route!

Annora Ratti – Stenico.




Dear readers, here are some testimonies of children who have attended the Summer Theatre.


“In July I went to theater and it seemed like a great opportunity to be with people who did not know. Unlike other shows that I had done in previous years, inspired by famous stories, this year we played together a story “The Train who wanted to see the circus.” I am very fun to be with children even younger than me. If I had to choose what was the best moment, when we choose siedevamo all in a circle and each expressed his opinion on the preparation of the show “Alba – Stenico


“Once again this year and I have participated in Martin ‘activities summer theater proposed by Silvia. Unlike past years, the whole group of children invented with Silvia a show. We then decided to name “The train that wanted to see the circus.”

We all had a role of circus characters: who played the director, who the animals, who magicians and dancers who …

Me and Martin were two magicians ….

The days of testing have gone faster and in joy, in the company of all the “actors”, now become friends!

While Martin was more loose, I do the night before the “first” I was very nervous and I could not get to sleep ….

On the evening of the show I had a great fear of not remember more my part … AIUTOOOO !!! I was really excited … then when the evening began everything went well, I’ve gotten “very well” they said … especially with the number of the long line of handkerchiefs coming out magically from my sweatshirt !!! and we do not speak of the song that we sang miming and the final group !! A hoot …

In the evening ended, and now that the excitement has passed, I can say that the show has managed well, “says Daniel

“Yeah children received critical acclaim and applause from the audience and they enjoyed a lot … they tore laughter to us parents, grandparents, uncles and relatives who were present, also thanks to some improvised by smaller !!! “says his mom.

“We thank Silvia for his ideas, for the time that he has spent, for the patience with which accompanies us in this adventure and the passion he devotes to this activity.”

Daniel and Martin Cornella -San Lorenzo in Banale



“I’ve played a penguin and I loved singing the song of the Penguin Lover. I also really liked how I rigged my mom before the show and especially when we have done all of applause. ” Angelica – Stenico