Children’s Theatre – Kindergarden

Each class will differ from the next according to the age of its participants, the formative purposes, the dynamics and the groups mutual preferences, but they will all have in common the same expressiveness, wonder, imagination and growth!

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Children’s Theatre – Kindergarden

During kindergarten and primary school children are gifted with great imagination. This is the age when they start to imagine and tell stories with the ability to see and represent things that are not there.
Children have the desire and the need of putting themselves to the test, of excercising, having fun and starting friendships.
All this is perfect for theatre.

The Children’s Theatre Lab – Kindergarten allows children to:
– grow
– put themselves to the test
– discover and develop their own creative potentials
– relate to others
– develop imagination and self expression
– develop continuity through scenes sequence and memory stimulation
– start discovering the theatre world
– have fun

Topics and Activities

– Movement
– Space
– Natural Elements
– Tales
– Arts, Crafts and Drawing
– Music
– Socialization
– Character(s)
– Live Theatre: on stage!

At the end of the lab there will be a relaxed discussion between the teacher, children and parents to  review the workshops activities, experiences and the overall comprehension level.
At the end of each lab there will also be a final show, where children have the opportunity to go on stage and share the results of the workshop with parents and friends