Theatre for Companies

“The actor does not act, does not imitate or pretend. He is himself” J.Grotowski

The workshop approach allows the participant to experiment and learn through experience.
The theater becomes a metaphor where everyone is an actor of his/her own personal and professional reality.
The Theatre Workshop focuses on: experience,  verbal and non-verbal languages, body expressions, creative movement, the mask, improvisation and dramatization.

All courses are held under the patronage of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan – Faculty of Education Sciences.

The participants will be guided through steps where they will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, putting aside their roles, in order to develop and improve relationships and professional skills. They will then return to those roles with a richer and more constructive attitude which will benefit their professional life

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“Education to Theatricality does not want to transmit knowledge, but to bring the subject to be formed through personal experience and self-discovery, its possibilities and limits, in order to express themselves and communicate. It is important, therefore, for a global awareness of one’s body: a motor level, their means of movement, at the emotional, the mode of expression of feelings. ” G.Oliva
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