Methodological Approach

Methodological Approach

The courses are based on an experiential approach, where the theatre workshop plays a central role by working on roles and group dynamics.
The focus on expressions, creativity, storytelling, literary works and films allows the participant to experiment and challenge himself/herself in an effective and constructive way.

Indeed Theatre and Training are two realities that have common goals: on one side, Training focuses on the person with all his/her potential, on the other side, Theatre serves the same purpose through activities that stimulate creativity and communication.
Theater is an effective learning means because it involves the person as a whole, the physicality, feelings and thoughts, but also the humanity, the understanding of values, the sociability.

In our interventions Training is central to creating an environment where people can practice, practice, experience, learn independently and cooperatively, guided and supported by the teacher that facilitates relationships.

The use of the laboratory expressive, creative, narrative, literary works and films allows to experiment and get involved in an effective and constructive.

Theatre and Education are in fact two realities that have a common purpose: on the one hand the formation is at the center of the action the person with all its potential to be developed; other theater has the same objective through activities that stimulate the development of creativity and communication.

The theater is an effective means of training that involves the whole person, with its corporeality and physicality, with his feelings and his thoughts, but also with his profound humanity, with its consciousness of values, with its most immediate and spontaneous sociability.

“Education to Theatricality does not want to transmit knowledge, but to bring the subject to be formed through personal experience and self-discovery, its possibilities and limits, in order to express themselves and communicate. It is important, therefore, for a global awareness of one’s body: a motor level, their means of movement, at the emotional, the mode of expression of feelings. ” G.Oliva

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