Team Building

Build and Be a Group.

The key words of our Pathways Team Building are: creativity, shared emotions, communication.

The Importance of Being a group that communicates effectively emerges as a substantial need in the business realities and hospitals that call us to speak with our courses.

The Theatre Workshop become a privileged instrument to achieve this goal, combining the training part with an experience that is both fun and memorable.

Eugenio Barba, father of anthropology theatrical, defines the theater “the place of the possible”, where converge situations and different problems. Acting on the scene you get a chance to bring out some aspects that would otherwise remain hidden, favored by the spontaneity of playing a character, expressing a mood and communicate a message.

Do Teatro helps out the traps and fears. In it a man can grow through a process of training, acquiring greater awareness of their inner and learning to deal with difficulties related to the judgment of others and to their social and professional role.

In the path of Team Building professionals and first of all the people involved will have the opportunity to bring out conflicts, needs, aspirations and acquire the tools to manage their emotions in different situations that are going to face.

The path may be held directly by the Company or in our theater reference.

We also organize training sessions residential.

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