Creative World

Passion and Professionalism

“Theater is a way to cross the borders between you and me” J. Grotowski

The Cultural Association Il Mondo Creativo is born from the union of two great Passions and Professionalism: the Arts-Theatre and the Social – Formative one.

The Passion and the focus on the Expressive Arts becomes effective tools in the service of social, educational and formative goals, through the creation of laboratories and Custom courses that go anywhere there is any situation of need, be it human, academic , health or business related.

I believe in particular in the use of Creativity for the discovery and development of human and professional, to face and overcome difficulties and fears, to facilitate integration, cultural, social and professional, to reach targets corporate training, in a way where, from experience, I can say that we discover more and more, beyond the initial goal.

As a funtamental value, I strongly believe in the importance of specialization of each Theatricality Educator and of each trainer, whose training ensures high professionalism.

Creative World is distinguished for:

the professionalism and seriousness of the formative and artistic program: indeed, Our laboratories are sponsored by the Catholic University of Milan – Master Degree  in Actions and Interactions Pedagogical through Narration and Education to Theatricality – Faculty of Education. All  our programs are based on the care and experience of the best pedagogical and creative professionals in the theatrical and pedagogical fields.

Theatre tailored to the sensitivity of each individual: the theater workshop involves everyone, in order to bring out his artistic and human skills: his CREATIVE WORLD! In this personalized theater, participants are taken on a journey that will allow them to express and offer their qualities to themselves and to the group.

– Specialization and experience:
all our teachers and trainers are specialized in disciplines proposals. Detailed curriculum are available upon request to anyone interesting in one of our Project.

For this reason, everyone tanking part in our programs, babies, children, parents, adults, schools, businesses, hospitals, foundations, associations and speakers, everyone is cared  for with sensitivity and looked afeter thanks to the personalizationof our programs , to the attention to everyone’s needs, and to the costant dialogue and exchange that characterize us. Welcome to the  CreativeWorld..Silvia

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